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“The Gospel of Isaiah: An Introduction” Part 1

September 8th, 2019

Part 1 in The Gospel of Isaiah series
by Dr. Mack Amis.

During the first century of the church, as the apostles began to teach about Jesus, they did not have the New Testament to use. It hadn't been written yet. When they taught about Jesus they used Old Testament scripture. If you didn't have the New Testament, could you show someone Jesus is the Messiah using the Old Testament? In this series we look at how the first century church used the Book of Isaiah to lead people to Christ, and so can you!

Bible Reference: Isaiah 53: 1

Additional Bible References
Luke 4: 17-21
Isaiah 61: 1-2
Mark 1: 1-3
Isaiah 7: 14
Isaiah 9: 6-7
Isaiah 11: 1-4
Isaiah 61: 1-2
Isaiah 35
Isaiah 40
Isaiah 53
John 3: 16

Recorded live at Parker Memorial Baptist Church on September 8, 2019 during the 8:30 am service

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