Parker Memorial Baptist Church

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New! Devotional Podcasts

March 17th, 2020

With the COVID-19 virus and the social distancing that is now required, it has changed much of how we do things. During these difficult times, we want to bring you words of encouragement. We want you to know that God is in control and through Him we can have peace and hope during these uncertain times.

For the past several days Parker Memorial has been posting videos on our YouTube page that let you know what is going on with our church and community. In each of these videos was a devotional message. Those devotional messages will now be included and posted here as part of our regular podcast. These videos tend to be much shorter than our regular podcast, usually less than 10-12 minutes.

During this first podcast, Dr. Mack Amis will introduce this new series and deliver this first devotional message. You will find it in Psalm 91: 1-16